Outsourcing Integrated Intelligent Maintenance Solution

Leveraging the experience of almost a century in network, system and hardware, China Unicom Global provides enterprises and governmental agencies with “International Intelligent Maintenance” integrated solution which includes intelligent network maintenance, hardware maintenance, system monitoring, security backup and cutover migration etc. With comprehensive and highly reliable services, China Unicom Global is committed to solve the problem of information maintenance that enterprises and governmental agencies encounter.

For China Unicom Global information facility maintenance services, data is collected from the power systems, environmental systems, fire protection systems andsecurity systems under surveillance to the host which analyse and transfer the processed data to the monitoring server. The server backs up and displays the data and transmits sound and SMS alerts.

Target business
This solution is suitable for highly digitalized corporate enterprises such as financial institutions and insurance companies.

Key benefits to business
- Highly intelligent operation and maintenance system which facilitates prompt responses by real-time alerts;
- 7 x 24 service

Applicable Scenarios: