China Unicom has been supporting the “Internet+” policy by State Council of the People's Republic of China, focusing on promoting the integration between traditional businesses and internet services. By supporting the development of “Internet+” and solving the technical and financing problems for “encouraging business start-up and driving innovation”, China Unicom offers exclusive services including intelligent network, primary resources, open platform and services guarantee etc.

Being the upholder supporting the development of M2M as an Information service corporation, China Unicom has been on track to explore new opportunities of business development. By focusing on the main industries, network technology improvement, platform support, marketing system and service innovation, China Unicom continuously creates new values for customers.

China Unicom specializes on M2M services in areas of vehicles, intelligent meter reading, wireless POS, mobile media, production and environmental monitoring, smart wearable devices to build up a professional marketing and united operating system, improve the efficiency of customer services while lowering the operating and service costs of M2M businesses.

China Unicom relies on national primary network architecture of “private network element + private platform”. The core private network of newly established M2M services covers across 31 provinces, 360 prefecture-level cities. Based on the cloud platform of SaaS model, the complexity of the M2M equipment management can be reduced and ensure the safety and reliability of the connection services.

China Unicom has built up a nationwide system in integrated M2M operating support, specializing at organizing M2M operating support center for dedicated customer services to all customers and offering uniform services to industrial customers.