Server Room Construction

With sophisticated experiences in infrastructure of telecom operations, China Unicom Global provides complete energy infrastructure to IT applications in companies, creates a safe and reliable platform of IT server room infrastructure, achieves a rapid construction and smart development of small to medium-sized cabinet server racks data center as well as benefitting newly established enterprises with simple server rooms construction services.

The server room construction provide services in server room renovation, structured cabling installation, power supply (UPS system), cooling system (refrigeration system in server rooms), cabinet server racks power system (server racks equipment), server room monitoring system (dynamic environmental monitoring, server KVM management equipment).

Target business
This Server Room Construction caters the needs of enterprises of different sizes and data centers.

Key benefits to business
- Highly reliable: Excellent performance with high reliability
- Highly compatible: System components have high compatibility, short construction period and decent exterior design 
- Good bargain: Energy-efficient with lower costs when compared to traditional server rooms projects
- Highly expandable: Modular smart design, excellent expandability
- One-stop services: Stable and reliable one-stop services provided by China Unicom Global

Applicable Scenarios:
This product can be widely used for different large or medium enterprises and IDC.