Paperless office

The paperless office system of China Unicom Global is based on 4G network, via mobile phone, tablet, laptops and other mobile terminal access to the internal office system, realize the office business handling anytime and anywhere, such as send and receive email, document processing, directory query, check the company announcement, etc.
It can also share documents and information without exchange servers. Through PC and mobile terminals to achieve paperless endorsement, E-signature, CA encryption and network encrypted transmission, etc., bringing company automation to a new level where paper is no longer a necessity, benefiting companies with more convenience and lower costs.

From the perspectives of different users on work schedules, automated office models are established to resolve the process of document flow to achieve electronic office environment with automated functions in searching contact directory, writing emails, reviewing documents, application integration and data monitoring, etc.
Mobile terminals make use of handwritten signatures, CA encryption, encrypted network transmission to achieve enterprise security and intelligent mobile office.

Target business
This system caters the needs of enterprises of different sizes and government departments.

Key benefits to business
- Supports PC and mobile terminals access at the same time;
- Covered with multi-terminals
- User-friendly interface
- Strengthened security in different ways
- Expandable application ability of the system

Applicable Scenarios: