International Internet of Things solution for Multinational Corporations

Based on the satellite / cellular communication network, combined with China Unicom's global cloud services and the customized terminal equipment for special industries, in order to provide a real-time monitoring and management services towards overseas assets.

Target Customers
China's large and medium-scale enterprises which are stepping into the global market. When the enterprise set up overseas subsidiaries or production centers, they have practical needs in transport management, manufacturing logistics, oil and gas management. China Unicom can provide the localized overseas asset management services which fulfilled the local "Internet of Things Regulation "Requirements.

Applicable Scenario

Global assets monitoring based on satellites

Based on the global satellite communication network (which can use China Unicom satellite network), Chinese enterprises can handle the transportation management of emergency materials by providing the overseas branches with asset management and location services when the overseas assets encounter natural disasters, so as to reduce the relief materials of the loss.

Supply Chain Asset Management Based on Satellite / Cellular
Based on the satellite and cellular communication network, providing overseas location monitoring services to the Chinese aquatic products, shipping, container, logistics and other industries of Chinese-funded enterprise customers, in order to improving customer supply chain management capabilities effectively.

For offshore oil and gas asset management

Providing offshore asset management services for the Chinese-funded enterprises in oil extraction, natural gas transportation industries. Customers can remotely monitor the storage of foreign goods and the usage circumstances through this service, in order to reduce the number of on-site visit, and reduce asset management and maintenance costs. The solution includes a highly customized industry terminal, in line with oil and gas industry safety standards.