MPLS-VPN - Enterprise

China Coverage

- China Unicom Global MPLS-VPN service is deployed on CUnet - a carrier Level IP over DWDM backbone IP network of capacity at 40Gbps+;

- CUnet is build with self-healing capability to ensure the greatest network reliability provided to customer;

- China Unicom Global MPLS-VPN domestic network covered following 300 cities in Mainland China.

International Coverage
- China Unicom Global has established its ON-NET MPLS PoPs in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, San Jose, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Singapore ;

- All China Unicom Global MPLS PoPs can provide PE and ASBR for customer and partner network interconnections. MPLS PoPs, including PoPs in China are configured in the same AS domain within CUnet ;

- Through MPLS NNI with overseas carrier partners, the MPLS-VPN service coverage is further globally expanded beyond China;

- China Unicom Global MPLS-VPN service have reached 200 countries through a number of NNIs (known as “Extended-Net”).

Service Benefits
Reduce Operational Risks

As the first carrier to offer MPLS-VPN in China, we have extensive experience and a proven track record of performance with MPLS-VPN operations. Our expertise with MPLS-VPN translates to a better understanding of customers applications and QoS parameters resulting in higher network performance levels with lower operational risks for our customers.

Flexible Networking Options and Lower Operational Cost
China Unicom Global’s flexible international networking options, simplified client management requirements and fully integrated One-Stop-Shopping service, provide enterprise customers with a scalable network platform with lower operating costs.

Support for Multiple Quality of Service Levels
5 Quality of Service levels offers enterprises customers more flexibility based on specific diversity and application requirements.

Abundant Overseas Network and Service Resources
Through China Unicom Global’s own international network and comprehensive worldwide partnerships, our global MPLS-VPN service allows customers to gain access to extensive international network infrastructure, in-country facilities and committed services and support resources.

Managed CPE
China Unicom Global offers an optional managed router service that includes procurement, configuration, installation, monitoring and ongoing maintenance.