Integrated Wiring

The integrated wiring provided by China Unicom Global is the fundamental information infrastructure in transmitting information and connecting links. The installation of the integrated wiring typically encompasses subsystems of building cables, equipment rooms cables, telecommunications closets, vertical backbone cables, and horizontal work area outlets. Different cables are adopted to promptly meet the needs of various companies for the comprehensive fundamental information infrastructure set up and management.

The system functions by building up modularized information transmission channels. Through the channels, voice equipment, data equipment, switching equipment and other control equipment can be linked with information management system as well as be connected to the structured cabling of external telecommunications network. Structured cabling consists of components of different series and specifications, including, transmission media, associated connecting hardware. patch panels, connectors, sockets, plugs, adapters) and electrical safety equipment. These components can be used to build a variety of subsystems. With specific uses, the subsystems are easily utilized and upgraded in accordance with different needs.

Product advantages
- Good bargain : One-off installation of low-voltage cables at a lower cost
- User-friendly : The installation of structured cabling is more simplified than traditional cabling, saving resources, time and space
- Reliable : Highly reliable and professional services are provided

Areas of Application
This product caters the needs of enterprises of different sizes, industrial parks and commercial buildings.

Applicable Scenarios: