Global Video Conferencing

Web-based global video conferencing is a conferencing solution with a combination of software and hardware in telecommunications. Enterprises may access to the conferencing server on computers via the intranet, the Internet and networking cables ADSL or under 4G environment. It is applicable to teleconferencing, tutorial and training, remote cooperative office, communication and live streaming conferencing.

- Distance meeting with multiple-parties
- Sharing of conference materials
- Access of conference
- Single sign-on
- 4G access
- Full video recording during the conference

Target business
This system caters the needs of enterprises of different sizes and numbers of branches.

Key benefits to business
- Supports various terminal access including conferencing terminals, laptops, tablets and mobile phones
- High definition of videos, compressed voice files, low bandwidth occupied, high resolution
- Supports sharing of conference materials, interaction during conference
- Provides multiple security protection

Applicable Scenarios: