All-in-one cards

China Unicom Global’s Corporate one-card system makes use of RF-SIM card that allows real-time communication, payment, access to workplaces, attendance tracking and conference registration, etc. It simultaneously solves disadvantages such as the inability to share data, excessive telephone numbers leading to high labor costs, low management efficiency, impersonalized services, low customers’ satisfaction, etc. through a unified management process. The one-card system fulfils the needs as a card with multiple uses to help corporates save costs and improve management efficiency.

The corporate all-in-one card provides services in management, access to places, attendance tracking, payment and conference registration.

Target business
This product caters the needs of enterprises of different sizes and industrial parks.

Key benefits to business
- Optimizing cost efficiency
- Facilitating corporate informatization
- Adding up employee welfare with discounted telecom fees

Applicable Scenarios: